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ALÉN DO COSMOS (Beyond The Cosmos) 

The unique story of the first spaniard champion ring winner in the usa

There´s a story of a Spanish Champion before Pau Gasol arrived to the US. There´s a story even before Raúl came to the world renowed soccer club, The Cosmos... "Alén do Cosmos" is the story of the first spaniard to win a profesional Champion Ring in the USA. 

This guy is Galician, his name is Santiago Formoso and his team....well, let´s say that his locker room mates were Pelé, Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Chinaglia, Cruyff...say no more.

Santiago Formoso, was a young inmigrant who first came to New York in the late 60's and ended up being a player of the legendary New York Cosmos. He got retired at late 80´s, but his legend still stands among the huge community of Galician-Americans living in Queens, New York or Newark. Santiago Formoso was spectacular inside and outside the pitch. 

The documentary was shot in Newark, New York and Vigo, Spain. The premier took place December 2016 at the Vigo City Council Auditorium and now it travels overseas, to NYC, where it belongs...

"Alén do Comos" a documentary by Pedro Pablo Alonso

Alén do Comos Year 2016 Runtime 57 min. Country Spain Director Pedro Pablo Alonso Script Pedro Pablo Alonso Music Ruxe Ruxe Cinematography Cuco Pino Edition Oscar Pardo e Cuco Pino Cast  Santiago Formoso, Iago Aspas, Luis Timiraos,  Producer Company Quadra Producións

  • Premier at Vigo City Council Auditorium, 2016 Spain.
  • Thinking Football Festival 2017,  Athletic Club in Bilbao, 2017, Spain.

  • “Off Side Festival” , 2017 Barcelona.