COCIÑANDO NA FIN DO MUNDO (Cooking at the World´s End) 

A journey through galicia´s nouvelle cuisine 


The Galician prestigious association of chefs, Grupo Nove, discusses its future facing the changing scenario brought about by the country´s economic the crisis. Guided by their hand, we embark on a journey across Galician cuisine: the new and the traditional, before and after the dishes, in front and behind the stove, of the sea and of the land, of success and of sacrifice. The protagonists are producers, chefs, and other professionals struggling amidst such dualities with the aim to lead the cuisine for the future beyond clichés: The silent revolution of Galicia’s nouvelle cuisine.

A realistic portrait of Galicia endeavouring to unravel the delicate balance between tradition and modernity in a land full of contrasts, discovering its manifold aspects through one of its most significant cultural indicators: gastronomy.

Cooking at the World ’s End endeavours to explore an unknown country to approach the other side of cooking, before arriving at the kitchen: Lamprey from the river Tea, cream of the crop peas as a gourmet product, the wine harvest on the impossible slopes of the Ribeira Sacra, the recovery of native beef breeds, and the humble work of coastal fishermen, all share the scene with the most glittering stars of Galicia’s nouvelle cuisine.

Together with this unique generation of chefs, a generation of producers has emerged in Galicia as trailblazers.  These Producers risk it all for the excellence of their products and work against the flow in an almost artisanal manner to establish a business that confronts the simplistic, standardising logic of the market. There would be no Galician Nouvelle Cuisine if it weren’t for these new farmers, stockbreeders, fishermen and vintners.

"Cocinando en el fin del mundo",  a documentary film directed by Alberto Baamonde.

Cooking at the World´s End Country of Production: Spain. Runtime: 90 minutes. Genre: Documentary. Filming Locations: Galicia, Madrid, and Barcelona. Original Version: Spanish / Galician. Cast: Pepe Solla, Xosé Cannas, Javier Olleros, Beatriz Sotelo, Yayo Daporta, Xoán Cru- jeiras, Alberto González, Miguel Ángel Campos, Iván Domínguez, Héctor López, Rafael Centeno, Pablo Romero, Manuel Costiña, Iñaki Bretal, Eduardo Pardo, Javier R. Ponte “Taky”, Javier González, Antonio Botana, Álvaro Villasante, Roberto Filgueira...US Distributor: Film Movement Producer: Esmerarte

  • Premier at San Sebastian International Film Festival,  2015, Spain 
  • Gastroweekend, at the Málaga International Film Festival, 2015, Spain.
  • Gastronomic Journalism Award, "Álvaro Cunqueiro".  2017, Spain.