monday july2nd at the cervantes institute






The intimacy of a hotel room. The immensity of a desert. A desolate gas station. In these picturesque settings, hideous crimes occur under the cold stare of unexpected protagonists that show the dark, twisted and perverse sides of human existence. But what if there was only a thin line between victims, criminals and spectators?

DHOGS points to the wicked, in a perverse world of masters and slaves. Where crimes occur before a passive, insensitive society. A reflection of the darkest reality.

This is Dhogs (Dogs+Hogs) the "opera prima" of Andrés Goteria and the most awarded film in the history of the Galician cinema awards. The young Galician director said about his film:

"Dhogs is my first work as a film director, and on this first trip I wanted to make a genre film, play with the narratives and from there, give the viewer the possibility of drawing their own conclusions. I am very interested in changes of perspective and looks from different points of view. I wanted to point out the bad guys and make them part of the movie

Andres Goteira will be with us to discuss all the insides of the film at the end of every screening...until then, enjoy this trailer:

“Dhogs”, a film by Andrés Goteira.

Dhogs:  Director Andrés Goteira Country: Spain. Year: 2017 Runtime: 85 minutes. Genre: Thriller (Rated TVMA in Spain) Filming Locations: Galicia, Almería. Original Version: Galician. Cast: Melania Cruz, Miguel de Lira, Antonio “Durán” Morris, Carlos Blanco, Iván Marcos, María Costas, Suso López, Xosé López and Roi Gantes.  Script by: Andrés Goteira. Producer: Gaitafilmes & Pixel Films.


  • World Premier at BAFICI, Buenos Aires, 2017, Argentina.
  • SITGES Official Competition, Cataluña, 2017, Spain.
  • 13 Mestre Mateo Awards, Galicia, 2018, Spain.