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THE TASTE of the way

The Cervantes Institute is the cornerstone of the Spanish culture in NYC. The Galician Cinema & Food Festival is based in the merger of cinema and gastronomy. The taste for cinema, and the taste for the Way, the Camino de Santiago.

Fran Novas and Rogelio García, top chefs from "Tomiño" restaurant in NY, will prepare Galician dishes with our best products brought for the occasion from Galicia. Novas is a former chef at "A Tafona", in Galicia. "A Tafona" is ruled by Lucía Freitas, Grupo Nove´s Top Chef, who has a strong relationship with NY and Tomiño restaurant, as she is the inspirer and designer of the currently menu.  

At the patio, several stands will display again the best of our products whilst different cinema videos will be broadcasted on a screen. The professionals of the US gastronomy industry will experience the high quality of the Galician products:  wines, oil, preserves... and we will be able to talk with the agents of those Galician brands in the US.

Film industry professionals meet here with gastronomy industry experts and the rest of the guests in order to put together this two amazing worlds in just one stage...NYC! 

Want more? We have more! We´ll show a performance of the Galician folklore...and many many surprises!



Monday, July 2nd

7:30 PM


Cervantes Institute,
211 E, 49th Street