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The first galician michelin star in the 11th starchef contest

Two cooks from Spain participated in the 2016 Edition of Starchef in Brooklyn, NY. One, Elena Arzak , the other, Iván Domínguez. It was the first time in history for a Galician cook. Something extraordinary is happening with the Atlantic Cuisine in Spain and Europe...do you want to know what is it? 

The GC&FF is honoured to bring to the city the Michelin Star, Iván Domínguez.

Iván domínguez

Galician Chef Iván Domínguez was born in the Atlantic port town of A Coruña and began cooking as a sailor in the Spanish Navy during the war in Iraq.

When Domínguez exited the Navy after seven years of feeding 600 sailors a day, he enrolled in culinary school to formalize his education. Upon graduation, he got his career off to a Michelin-starred start just an hour’s drive from his hometown at Casa Marcelo.

There where he worked under famed Galician Chef Marcelo Tejedor, who himself had trained with Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, and Juan Mari Arzak. Domínguez cooked at Casa Marcelo for eight years, eventually becoming chef de cuisine. Next, he moved on to A Loxe Mareiro in the Galician port city of Pontevedra, and then to another Michelin establishment, Retiro Da Costiña. All the while, Domínguez was developing close relationships with fisherman, embracing techniques new and old, and diving deep in the indigenous products of his northwest corner of Spain.  

Domínguez is one of nine founding members of the Asociación Nove Grupo Gastronómico, a small but passionate collective who represent the avant-garde of Galician chefs and work tirelessly to reinvent their region’s cuisine. The group has grown to at least 24 members with 19 restaurants and 9 Michelin stars. 

In 2014, Domínguez joined Grupo Alborada as culinary director, overseeing all its properties in Galicia and Madrid, including Michelin-starred namesake Alborada in A Coruña; the restaurant and catering arm Augamar in the Marina Coruña; and Alabaster in Madrid. Grupo Alborada has plans for growth both inside and outside of Galicia, continuing to showcase Galician food through the evolution of presentation, simplicity in preparation, and new products from the Atlantic. (source Starchef).


Iván Domínguez will be in charge of the Tasting  and also will give an unique masterclass -a showcooking- for specialized press only on Tuesday, 26th at 7:30 Pm. If you wan to join us, please submit your credentials to: info@galiciancinemafestival.gal



Tasting, Thursday, June 29rd

7:30 PM


Cervantes Institute,
211 E, 49th Street






Tuesday, 27th June

 7:30 PM

Specialized Press Only

25 seats available



Cervantes Institute,
211 E, 49th Street