#ESTRELLAgaliciaday ,

wednesday JUNE, 28th AT 8:30 pm





The BEST spanish creators of the city together AGAIN 

Following the screening of "The Suitor" will take place the Second Filmmakers Meeting of the Galician Cinema & Food Festival.

We aim to be the bridge between Spanish and American Filmmakers...and we have the best of best on our side. Lead by the awarded Director (New York based) Adan Aliaga  we´ll talk with some of the best Spanish creators living and working in the city and, of course, our special guest from Galicia, Pedro Pablo Alonso, Director of "Alén do Cosmos".

Let´s talk about cinema. If you work in the film industry in NYC, then this is your chance to listen, question and talk with the best filmmakers of Spain. Let´s make the most of it. Be our guest!


"The world is a wonderful stage, but the casting is deplorable". A short film by Alberto Vazquez.